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Designed to keep the skin naturally healthy

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The TRE™ skin barrier is flexible and adaptable. It adheres to the body the way you need it to, while the three levels of protection help you take care of your patients’ peristomal skin health.

If you like Nova™ products, you will love the NovaLife TRE™ product portfolio.

“Compared to my old pouch, the NovaLife TRE™ skin barrier is a lot better – it’s lighter, more comfortable, and it moves with my body. I love the feel of it!”

Hiren, Ileostomy 4 years

Helping you feel comfortable in your own skin



Watch this video to hear from Hiren on why he would recommend NovaLife™ TRE to any user.

Don't be afraid of change! I would recommend NovaLife TRE™ to any user looking to try a new pouch. This is definitely the way forward.”

Choose NovaLife TRE™ today and benefit from the latest technology and improved pouch design on our widest product range.

Our product portfolio has a pouch to suit all body types and stomas – pouches for colostomates, ileostomates, and urostomates.

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