Take a Look at Your Skin

Whether you have recently had ostomy surgery, or you’re used to living with a stoma, keeping your peristomal skin healthy should be a priority. In doing so, you’ll have the confidence to enjoy life without the fear of leakages and irritations. Plus, healthy skin feels great!

However, we understand that most people don’t know when there is a problem. That’s why we’ve created the ‘Take a Look at Your Skin’ guide; a visual document showing images of what’s normal and what isn’t. Here you’ll find information about how to keep your peristomal skin healthy, prevent leakages, and reduce itching—the kind of things you need to live well with a stoma.

Don’t suffer in silence. Minimise stress in your life and relieve yourself of nagging skin problems by referring to our easy-reference guide.

Take a Look at Your Skin booklet