Life With a Stoma

Living with a Stoma

Any period of illness, surgery, and recovery is stressful enough for your body and mind, but life with a stoma offers its own unique challenges. As a general rule, you will slowly be able to pursue the same activities after your surgery as you enjoyed before your surgery, but it's important to listen to your body and not overdo it in the first months following your stoma surgery.

Take control of your life and find ways of living with your stoma that suits your lifestyle.

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This helpful online course charts life after stoma surgery for patients, their relatives, and their friends.
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Care at Home Series

This series illustrates stoma care and pouch changing for one- and two-piece appliances.

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Sexuality and Relationships

How to make a healthy adjustment and have a satisfying sexual relationship.

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Irrigation Step by Step

A method of cleaning the bowel by instilling water via the stoma at regular intervals.

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Body Image

This personal guide explains the emotional states you may experience after surgery.

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Going Back to Work

Information and advice about going back to work after your stoma surgery.

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Read about hints and tips for enjoying swimming in a pool or spa with your stoma.

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Having a stoma will not prevent you from travelling, whether it is for pleasure or business, home or abroad.

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Life with a Stoma

Follow four people, from 14 to 70, as they share their inspirational stories about life with a stoma.

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Read the experiences of other people living with a stoma.

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