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Dansac TRE Seal

Dansac TRE seal is more than just a seal – with three levels of protection, the Dansac TRE seal has been designed to help keep healthy skin naturally healthy.

  • Dansac TRE Seals barrier material designed to offer high absorption and cohesion to ensure a secure seal
  • Designed with super absorbers, the formulation helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance and supports healthy peristomal skin
  • Provides a secure seal around the stoma with high level of initial tack and adhesion
  • Formulated to provide unique pH buffering to maintain a healthy skin environment
  • Designed to be moulded and re-adjusted again and again to create a secure individual fit
  • Individually packed in clam shells for convenient and hygienic storage

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REF Starter Hole Opening OpeningType Thickness Box of
071-30 30 mm 57.5 mm Off-centered 3 mm 30 pcs
071-40 40 mm 70 mm Off-centered 3 mm 30 pcs
072-48 18 mm 48 mm Centered 2,3 mm 10 pcs
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