Your Stoma and Your Sexual Orientation

Stoma surgery may pose some unnecessary worries and anxiety for gay men and women. Explore potential sexual concerns, and learn why it’s a good idea to tell your healthcare team about your sexual orientation.


Learn why you should share your sexual orientation before stoma surgery.

Adapting to life following stoma surgery can be challenging for anyone. If you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or gender non-binary, your stoma care nurse won’t know how your particular surgery is likely to worry you, or potentially change things for you sexually – so it is important that you open up and share your sexual orientation.

Sharing information

Of course, sharing your sexual orientation is completely up to you. You also may be at a stage in life where you are not sure about your sexual orientation. Perhaps you are just discovering your sexuality. Maybe you identify as straight but have had gay or lesbian lovers occasionally. 

Whatever your unique situation, your healthcare team is there as a partner in your care. You can rely on them to listen to your worries, support you and those important to you, and ensure that you have access to relevant information.

An important thing to know

Whatever your gender and sexual orientation, there is some vital information you should be aware of. First, your stoma should not be penetrated sexually – this can cause damage that can lead to further surgery. Also, no objects should ever be pushed into your stoma for the same reason – significant damage can occur.